#confessionalsofabaldgirl Supports Women Nationwide

My dream is to fashion up during this time and make everyone into chemo fashionistas through ideas I try, tried, like and am inspired by & bring hope & fashion!  Letting women everywhere know that just cause we have/had cancer doesn't mean we can't be fashionable with cancer! It doesn't mean we have to lose our sense of self due to the changes we are enduring. Which is very easy to do when faced with Breast Cancer. You're stripped of your girliest assets, your hair & breasts . So you must find other ways to fashion up and be a chemo fashionista, to keep the positivity and beauty inside yourself . Because let's face it, cancer isn't beautiful. It's ugly to be blunt, but allowing yourself to try new things & see that light in such a dark situation .... That's beautiful. That's a Chemo Fashionista. 

I believe in THE BCF. I believe in what this organization stands for: preserving the dignity of women affected by funding value added services to further help them feel beautiful & confident. I believe in THE BCF's undying passion to help help & help some more. That's why I want to travel with them and go to other cities and states to meet others affected by Breast Cancer & maybe even you that's reading this right this very minute. I have this fire in my heart to help those affected to show how to tie a headwrap or accessorize to show less emphasis on that mastectomy. And mostly I just want to be apart of this organization traveling to help when needed, inspire when needed, listen when needed, & be a solid shoulder to lean on when needed. 


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THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

#confessionalsofabaldgirl Supports Women Nationwide

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